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  • 1
    30% (57 votes)
    That's not exactly what 'statutory' means...but why don't you have a seat anyway. --Chris Hansen -Boom Goes the Dynamite!
  • 2
    19.47% (37 votes)
    statue sex: it's a monumental task. -justincredible
  • 3
    17.89% (34 votes)
    I didn't realize BBW meant "big bronze woman"... fuck it, i'm drunk, let's do this. -Slurms
  • 4
    16.84% (32 votes)
    No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't convince Dildo this wasn't a statue of a cat. -Michael Western
  • 5
    15.79% (30 votes)
    Dowzer likes a challenge. -Scott C.

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