How many quilts do you have in progress right now?

  • 1
    39.25% (157 votes)
  • 2
    22.25% (89 votes)
  • 3
    16.25% (65 votes)
  • 4
    11.25% (45 votes)
    Just one :)
  • 5
    11% (44 votes)
    too many to count!

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  1. Shari said on Nov 21 2010, 16:11 PM:

    Wow, when you see the number actually written down it's scary. 2011 is a 'finishing' year for me... really it is. I mean it this time... no new projects... ummm - does that mean no swaps! See how hard it is! No really, I can go a whole year without swaps... really I can... and lots of stash sewing! I'll piece all my backings for all those finished projects... really I will...

  2. Trudi said on Nov 19 2010, 16:11 PM:

    Oh I'm in the minority of way to many to count ... hahahaha! Well, with at least 20 tops waiting to be quilted, another half dozen or so needing binding, who needs to count the WIPs? I guess I'm just a creative butterfly :)

  3. Regina said on Nov 19 2010, 09:11 AM:

    I put 6 - 10. I'm now taking them one at a time to make that number smaller. My list would be oh hundreds. haha My quilting movie is probably Letters to Juliet or Leap Year because I happen to rent those two on my quilting days.

  4. Jessie said on Nov 19 2010, 06:11 AM:

    I have actually been doing really good this year with keeping up with my quilting projects. I am newer to quilting and have been trying really hard not to buy to many projects a head because you always want to start that new project as soon as you get home. So at the moment I have one quilt that I am finishing the binding one, and 2 that are in different stages, and 1 that I have almost all the fabric for (trouble finding the perfect sashing).

  5. Sue SA said on Nov 19 2010, 01:11 AM:

    I counted them in my head but sure I missed a few (got to six), but thats one of the reasons I started my blog for ... to keep me honest in attempts to complete old UFO's, not create too many new ones and of course show and tell! Hmm dont want tv when I quilt, no tv in my sewing space, but if I did it would be Pride and Prejudice!

  6. WendyMT said on Nov 18 2010, 22:11 PM:

    Really, if I counted all the ones in my head ... way too many. The ones on my sewing table are what I marked. The ones on the floor are to be in progress soon, so they don't count :) You're awesome! Any movie I've seen a hundred times works for me and sewing. I just saw P.S. I love you ... WOW! Okay, cried my eyes out, but loved it. Will have to watch again :)

  7. traceyjay said on Nov 18 2010, 21:11 PM:

    I might have too many to count! But I marked 11-20. :)