Which intern are you rooting for?

  • MCX030109_096_1_11-md
    71.15% (587 votes)
    Samantha, barefoot & nervous newbie.
  • MCX030109_096_1_12-md
    18.91% (156 votes)
    Talita, pup-toting bad speller from LA.
  • MCX030109_096_1_10-md
    9.94% (82 votes)
    Ashley, confident & tardy ticket hoarder.

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  1. emz said on Sep 21 2009, 14:09 PM:

    OMG!!!Ashley and Talita are so childish...Samantha is amazing hope she gets some more chances to prove her self she needs to be confident and shut those two fools down!!!. As Ashely is an idea robber!!!An Talita looks abit like one of the Jackson Family SCARY!!!

  2. Jen said on Sep 19 2009, 08:09 AM:

    My goodness how annoying is Ashley!!! She's so jealous, she's liked a spoilt child when things don't go her way!

  3. Aussie said on May 27 2009, 14:05 PM:

    Watching in the UAE in the the middle east.. Just finished the 1st series over here so a few months behind, but really great show. I don't really get into that many TV shows, but this was amazing. Maybe it was the balance of every intern having such different personalities, which made for very interesting TV. I think in the end Talita did do a 180 and her attitude towards Samantha improved once Ashley showed her true colours (as we could all clearly see). I think Joanna is an amazing woman, spoke very well, straight down the line and was dead right about everything she said about the interns weaknesses and strengths. I think Samantha had a fantastic attitude and handled a very stressful time as gracefully as she could, and I think that will get her far in her life. Respect! Talita was extremely horrible in the beginning to Samantha, but that just stemmed from jealousy and glad she started focusing on herself and I was very glad she got the position, think she deserved it in the end. Loved the little thank you prayer at the end before she walked out a changed woman! Had a little tear for her! Ashley, well, this girl has a lot to learn in her life, she has all the tools to make it in any industry, but like Joanna said, I see her tripping herself up and will continue to do so until she learns to take some critism, hate to say it but watching her ignorance and refusal to see how bad her behaviour had been kinda made me think the girl won't go very far in life. I've never actually seen a person so thrilled to sabotage people? It's sickening and she has major issues but I wish her luck in sorting her head out, really not cool.. I really can't wait to see the next series, fantastic show and produced to perfection. Thank you all at Marie Claire and good luck with the next three!

  4. Becky said on Apr 17 2009, 17:04 PM:

    Hi, I just stumbled upon this site & I'm so loving it! Finally I can dish some dish about Ashley & Talita! First of all, in the beginning of this program, Ashley wasn't sent out on any assignments because she is butt ugly! Her dam nose can smell around corners! She just isn't pretty at all, inside as well as outside. Why did they even hire her as an intern? Talita thinks her shat don't stank, ya know? So what if she's from L.A., it doesn't make you any smarter obviously in this case. I'm so totally rooting for Samantha. She never talks about how bad the other 2 interns are behind their backs. Talita & Ashley do that all the time. Then sometimes Ashley pretends she's on both sides of the fence. They both constantly dis Samantha who's just trying to do her job. So what if she isn't as experienced at the other 2 wish & think they are as much as wanting to believe that in themselves. I can't wait for the episode where Joanna decides who she wants to work with out of the 3 interns. Samantha tries to do her job, she handles everything in a positive way. She does her assignments herself. Sometimes like when Ashley went to that book siging, that she got because Asley's a bitch. If Samantha was there without Ashley, her work would have been considered to be great afer they give her helpful hints on how to make the articles work. I've totally got Samantha's back on this one! Thanks for being here, Becky in Montana

  5. Skye said on Apr 10 2009, 19:04 PM:

    I hope Samantha can try to ignore the other two vindictive girls. She deserves to win this!

  6. Karen said on Apr 08 2009, 01:04 AM:

    I can't believe how bitchy & mean Talita & Ashely are ~ I HATE those two ugly skanky bitches!!

  7. Mary said on Apr 05 2009, 20:04 PM:

    Girls, this is a great opportunity. You need to stop whining and backstabbing. Focus on your work and building relationships. Grow up!

  8. diana said on Apr 05 2009, 11:04 AM:

    I am SO rooting for Sam. Talita is a mean girl bitch and Ashley is a horrid troll, and both of them have to rely on tricks, not talent, to get noticed. Also, am convinced Talita is a tranny.

  9. vikki said on Apr 02 2009, 08:04 AM:

    Competition is supposed to be motivatingly health. Toxic Talita has a Cold & butch type of personality. Her one liner cut downs are so juvenile.

  10. Daryl said on Mar 29 2009, 21:03 PM:

    Talita is not so nice. just watched the Frenimies episode and i just want to clobber her mean-spirited, I'm better than you attitude. For heaven's sake. And these comments are right on the money about Ashley. She has messed up every assignment and then always plays the victim. Take responsibility for your actions! I am rooting for Samantha and hope these girls don't bring her down. She does need to be tough, it's a tough industry, full of backstabbers, but she seems genuinely nice and sincere, so I wish her the best. If I were her, I'd be watching my back around Talita. Scary!

  11. Cappie said on Mar 26 2009, 00:03 AM:

    I'm glad to know this shows is fairly new. I found it while on spring break and was HOOKED. I can't help but watch these girls and think..."AM I LIKE THAT?" I'm more cognizant of my behavior more so now since I've been watching...NEVER want to catch myself pulling an Ashley. She is putrid! Always finding an excuse for not be able to successfully complete an assignment. Can she not see the expression on Zoe's face when she goes to her with her whining? Like...grow up already! Talisa not my favorite either. Although she didn't technically "break the rules" using an art intern for her assignment...she can't possibly walk away thinking that she could pass this on as HER work. At the end of the day her presentaion i though did LOOK the best - sans the misspelled word. But it just goes to show...cheaters never win! I think she cheated! Samantha to me is the best of the three....I think there's gotta be a more qualified pool of candidates! Samantha's got the personality to make it through internship. She's laid back, understands she has to pay her dues, doesn't worry about others (unless she's around Ashley). Everything else can be learned...the inside is what can never change in a person. I find her to be a bit more level headed and mature than the others.

  12. Vanessa said on Mar 21 2009, 17:03 PM:

    I really like this show, and I agree with everyone else who thinks that Ashley is insecure and is not going to "make it". She says that she's not being challenged, because she knows what she is capable of, yet she messes up every assignment she's been given. Obviously Samantha and Talita are more capable of handling bigger assignments, since they haven't made HALF of the mistakes that Ashley has. And when they had to do the page for Joanna, Ashley blamed her procrastination on Talita, because Talita was clever enough to get the art interns to design it for her (not that Joanna would necessarily love that, but she took a risk at least). Maybe once Ashley can complete an assignment without doing something wrong or acting like a whiner the entire time, then she'll be trusted with more difficult and exciting tasks. And I really like Samantha, but I think I like Talita the best. She really wants to be involved in fashion, unlike Samantha, who is more interested in the journalism thing. She makes mistakes (how many times does she have to be reprimanded on her spelling mistakes??), and she is taking critique a little too hard sometimes, but she's appreciating everything going on around her, and, more importantly, she's learning- which is what being an intern is all about.

  13. Nichelle said on Mar 17 2009, 18:03 PM:

    I really enjoy watching _Running in Heels_Its the best reality show I have ever watched. Actually is about the 5th reality show I have ever watched. Samantha is The Best! Her attitude about it all gets her noticed and chosen for all and any assignment. Ashley was assigned to load and unload the accessories for a shoot! Like whoa .... to fingers all of those wonderful expensive items. Did she marvel? NO. Instead she moped and complained. Samantha was assigned to load clothing for a fashion shoot. She met no one, was not noticed or given the time of day. She thought it was great! As for Talita, she's too full of her own greatness. I assume she was a Big Fish in the small pond where she was from. Now she's in the ocean but still thinks she is the Big Fish: NOT. Spell checking your work is writing 101. I give her points for thinking outside the box and getting help from the art department. I took away all those points because she had no vision of what it should have been. She just handed it off. She's definitely someone who wants to be in charge,but will have to hire extremely talented people because she knows nothing. Oh, one last "dah" for Talita. She had face time with the IT model of the moment and all she could think to ask was "what's your beuty secret?". What about "how is the fame been for you?" "Tell us 1 thing you've learned about each designer?" "How did you get your start?" "Where were you discovered?" "Name 5 things you learned about the business you didn't know before?" "Can I have a copy of hte last 5 weeks of your planner?" (Who knows what you would do with it, but I'm sure Joanna could fill 10 pages with the idea). I could go on for miles. AND TO ALL --> So what about Samantha taking off her shoes? No one seemed to notice or care but the other interns. She's tall enough and friendly enough that no one noticed. Kudos to you Samantha! Keep being you! P.S. I haven't said a lot about Ashley because When Ms. Greatness waited until the last minute to do her layout and it didn't look any better than any of the others; I decided she will eventually drop out of this competition. Hello!!! In the world of networking, to fall short helping a "fulltime" employee with her wedding errands = YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT AT THIS MAGAZINE!!! Nichelle. ___

  14. lola said on Mar 16 2009, 22:03 PM:

    Ashley isn't trying to be the mean girl, its simply her jealousy coming out. Whenever she is assigned a somewhat less glamorous task than samantha she always goes on the offensive by being the girl who cried favoritism (not sure i spelled that right.) Talita on the other hand has great potential but she needs to put more effort in! Samantha on the other hand doesnt have much going for her, she is boring, not too classy (no shoes no service!) and needs to get a new hairdo!!!

  15. Karen said on Mar 15 2009, 16:03 PM:

    I have completely obsessed with the show since it's debut. As someone who read and watched Devil Wears Prada like a million times it is exciting to see the behind the scenes of a real life magazine. Samantha strikes me also as a girl who gets ahead with her positive attitude. While Talita seems a little ditzy at times she still has some level of street smart. Ashley on the other hand is just frustrated and worries too much about what is going on with others instead of focusing on her own tasks. If she put all that wasted energy into her own tasks she would probably be much more successful. I am also surprised by how down to earth Joanna Coles is, I can't tell if editors in chief are actually human or if she is working hard to prove that she is no Anna Wintour?

  16. to phyllis said on Mar 11 2009, 22:03 PM:

    Your one complaint is that there isn't a woman of color?? So there should be a token non-white person, as if that wouldn't be insulting? Is there a checklist? One gay, one woman, one black, one asian etc etc - by the way one of the editors is Asian, Talita is of Brazilian background, and Nina is Colombiana. Send in your ethno-anthro PC list. Ashley is a real sourpuss. I liked her at first because I thought she was quirky, but she's not. She is just nasty!

  17. Ozzy said on Mar 11 2009, 22:03 PM:

    Ashley is like a scary version of Jennifer Grey circa "Ferris Buellers Day Off", only with a moustache. She also wears damn horrendous 80's clothes, that not even I would have worn back then when I was an adoring teen 80's fashion slave. Lady - this is 2009, and you aren't even doing it with irony. Plus she is a two-faced beyotch.

  18. Tresha said on Mar 11 2009, 09:03 AM:

    Right on! Cindy i was wondering the same thing about the sisters,as for Ashley she is the biggest loser ever

  19. phyllis said on Mar 11 2009, 08:03 AM:

    Ashley has permanent stink face. She is like the fable of the dog and the bone, she should be concerned about her own assignments (which she seems unable to complete successfully). Samantha has a pleasing personality which attracts people. Talita comes across as a ditz with a credit card who thinks she has good taste but doesn't, and is dumb as a brick, i.e. can't spell. But my complaint with the show is where are the women of color (I haven't seen a brown, mocha, or yellow face anywhere ), come on we have taste, style and could lend some flavor to the magazine and show. It saddens me that white women make it and don't see the need to include their sisters of color.

  20. Cindy said on Mar 09 2009, 17:03 PM:

    When you willfully wish someone to fail because of your own incompetence; to me that makes you are a loser all around and that is exactly what Ashley is. Talita and Samantha are good girls, but I admire Samantha for keeping a positive attitude in a new but stressful position. I don't think she is oblivious to the demands of the job, but cracking under pressure is not ideal either. The best way to handle the situation is to put a smile on your face, stay positive and give it your all-that is exactly what Samantha is doing. Go Samantha! Shake those haters off!

  21. Tresha said on Mar 09 2009, 16:03 PM:

    Ashley is really something.

  22. Katie said on Mar 09 2009, 12:03 PM:

    Ashley is hardly what I would describe as "confident." She's very insecure. From day one it was extremely apparent, as all she did was judge the other girls and act pouty. She needs to work on her attitude. She acts "holier than thou" and more experience or not, she still needs to prove herself. Talita - what is UP with the bad spelling? Are you kidding me?? Samantha may seem like a newbie to some but I have to wonder if she was assigned the best tasks due to her positive attitude. The other girls did poorly on their 1st assignments, and even though Ashley pointed out that it's not fair that Samantha got hooked up with such an awesome assignment, Ashley messed up on hers... Overall it is very entertaining to watch this for me b/c my dream used to be to become a fashion editor. I love seeing how an internship works. I wonder what qualified these 3 to get the internship. At least I can spell.....

  23. Rachel said on Mar 08 2009, 19:03 PM:

    Talita's lips are so not real. Flaunt what you got, not what your plastic surgeon gave you.

  24. Cathy said on Mar 03 2009, 03:03 AM:

    Ashley needs to lose the attitude...Mean Girls is so yesterday.